Professional training for new and existing staff in the areas:

Massagers with internationally recognized and verified diplomas, able to respond to customer wishes and new trends;
Spa therapists with internationally recognized and verified diplomas trained in traditional and new techniques in spa treatments;
Spa Supervisors – online training and work with mentors. The program is made according to the standards of the International Spa Association ISPA;
Fitness instructors with an international and certified degree, trained to meet each client’s requirements from programs, nutrition, safety at work, communication motivation;
The programs for Spa Managers and Fitness Managers are being prepared, which are a novelty in R. Macedonia, and will start next year. The programs fully meet all world standards.

Training for existing hotel staff in the areas:

Reservations, Sales, Promotion, Security Standards, Protocols, etc., at the request of customers;

Preparation of Standards Operations and Procedures for each hotel individually;
Preparation of Treatment Protocols

Creating individual spa concepts tailored to each hotel

Offering treatments inspired not only by local culture, but also by international trends;
Making a menu, brochures, promotional material;
Sharing experiences in the Spa Wellness and Fitness industry;
Sharing experiences from our experts who come from the field of hospitality and have vast experience in wellness and spa and fitness …
Ensuring consistency and compliance;
Equipping spa wellness and fitness centers, monitoring the quality of products, services and equipment;
Consultations for selection of contractors, products, equipment, staff