• Muscle system of human body
  • Standards Operations and Procedures
  • Work ethic
  • Principles of Cautions and Contra – Indication of Massage
  • Classic Swedish massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Deep tissue Massage
  • Segment-reflex Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Cosmetic face Massage
  • Pressure point Massage
  • Muscular Massage
  • Anticellulite Massage
  • Zonetherapy-Reflexology
  • Partial Massage
  • Mobilization peripheral joints
  • Covid-19 safety protocols in the spa

Become Certified Massage Therapist
Verification program number: УП1бр. 10-50/2020

Are you interested in studying after which you can quickly and easily get employed or self-employed in the spa wellness industry. Enroll in the SWAM Vocational Training Program, which upon graduation is awarded an International Diploma

Areas of learning:


Training is (theory and practice and combined online teaching), in specialized conditions for performance. During the training, students participate in the processes of: receiving clients, preparing the space, equipment, accessories and products for work, providing conditions and using services for massage, care and beauty, indications and contraindications, communication, various types of massages and treatments and their application, the trained masseur can respond to the needs and trends of domestic and foreign spa and wellness companies.

The program also provides mandatory internships with a well-known employer in order to gain the necessary experience to employment. Upon completion, each candidate is offered the opportunity to start his own business, or employment in domestic and foreign companies partners of SWAM

Training Duration: 334 hours according to world standards (1 month) Monday through Friday 8 hours per day +1 hour break. The training is divided into four units, each unit includes theory, practice and online platform for constant supervision by the mentor. During the training, the acquired skills and knowledge are constantly checked.

Final Examination: The final exam consists of 2 parts: theoretical examination and  presentation of the technique or procedure learned during the course.

We assist in hiring through our employment program or opening your own salon.

Conditions of entry:

At age 18