The Spa & Wellness Association of Macedonia SWAM is a professional organization for the spa industry. SWAM membership provides access to invaluable educational and networking opportunities, carry about your career, cutting-edge research, and much more. 


The association is dedicated to be an accessible and inclusive organization. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the Spa Industry, but will be of particular benefit to:

  • Spa  workers (masseurs, spa therapist, fitness instructors, spa receptionists, beauticians, manicurists, spa managers and spa supervisors;
  • Spa businesses;
  • Spa consultants, Architects and Designers;
  • Spa Product, Equipment and Service Suppliers;
  • Spa Training Providers;
  • Hoteliers and those in the Hospitality Industry;
  • Spa Travel agents, Tour operators and others in the Travel and Tourism industry.


  • By joining the association, you not only become part of a SWAM family, but you also become part of the global network of spa professionals. We’re here to help you grow both personally and professionally and maybe provide you with a little inspiration. There’s no better time than now to join the SWAM family. Investing in membership will provide you with immediate access to a wealth of benefits. A sample of those benefits is highlighted below.
    SWAM has developed educational courses, textbooks and training resources for spa wellness and fitness professionals. SWAM members receive special discounts on these resources.
  • All members agree to adhere to the SWAM Code of Conduct. This shows a commitment to assuring clients their spa experience will be at the highest level of professionalism as it relates to communications, confidentiality, privacy and spa treatment(s). SWAM members have access to a member logo that can be displayed on their website and/or printed materials as a way to communicate adherence to SWAM’s high levels of standards and practices.
  • Receive the swam certificate as a member
  • Your Business listing and web-page on the Spa & Wellness Association of Macedonia. The SWAM (Spa & Wellness Association of Macedonia) website is a dynamic, interactive trade and consumer website, featuring each member of the Spa & Wellness Association and updated regularly with press releases, news articles, courses, events, new member benefits and more.
  • Job Posting and applying for the job in our partner company.
  • Eligible to vote in member’s meetings.


Professional Member

Individuals who have completed a recognized course of study leading to directly involved in the provision of Beauty, Spa, Wellness and Fitness services are eligible for Professional membership in the Association.. Professional Members shall include Spa workers (masseurs, spa therapist, fitness instructors spa receptionists beauticians, manicurists, spa managers and spa supervisors, Spa Training Providers. Professional Members have individual voting rights.


Corporate Membership

Corporate Members shall include registered businesses owning, operating and managing Beauty (including the face, body and nails), Spas, Massage Establishments, Health Clubs, Gyms, Yoga Studios, Clinics and other Wellness entities as determined by the Association. Trading, import & export, wholesale and retail of Beauty, Spa and/or Wellness products, Gym and Fitness Product & Equipment Suppliers, Spa Designers, Media, Hotels, Government, Tourism and other Professional service providers or businesses and those with an interest in the Wellness industry, but not directly involved in delivering the Beauty, Spa and Wellness Services to consumers  Each Corporate Member shall entitle to two (2) representatives with voting rights in the Association.