We are not a employment agency,

But we own the bigger spa and fitness employment base and connecting Spa & Fitness employers with job seekers

SWAM as a member of domestic and international organizations and companies offers opportunities for career advancement, employment or starting your own business. Their members and future employees can join the training programs as they wish.
Internship in a well-known company to gain the necessary work experience, implemented through the Employment Agency of RSM, SWAM and companies.
Opening your own business through a grant from the Employment Agency, and we will help you get started on how to connect with companies that offer equipment and materials at the best prices.
Work on the best international cruises with excellent earnings
Working in Greece and Cyprus – The most famous resorts and hotels as well as the largest spa and wellness company in Europe
Working in Arab countries


SWAM is constantly expanding our business and we will strive to present and bring you the most well-known companies in the world of Spa Wellness and Fitness
Become part of the second fastest growing industry in the world.