The Macedonian education system is modern in accordance with European and world policies. On the education market, there are international, state, private schools,and each of which wants its program to be attractive and harmonized with the needs. Education is undergoing a lot of changes in recent years. There is still a lot to change. All educational institutions that offer training, education, higher education and qualifications are under the control of the Ministry of Education, and it is the only one that gives permission to work according to the rules and laws. and even less training for expertise. Such institutions issue various certificates, diplomas, certificates, which in the end we will all have problems. Employers, school, you as future workers. Before enrolling in any training, school, education, you should find out if they are it is recognized verified to offer such services .It is easily checked in the ,,Center of education Adult Macedonia,, competent verification of all educational institutions. Before to do anything you need information, and anyone who does not follow the laws and rules should be reported,
There is no improvisation with education
To build a strong and quality future and protect ourselves from fake diplomas / certificates

Adult Education Center

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