With the excitement of the new certificate, you may feel tempted to jump right into the gym business. However, one of the best ways to gain experience, gain clients, and have a regular salary is to start working out in the gym.
Hiring and building a cover letter
Whether you are changing your career or recently completing the Fitness Instructor program, describe all relevant practical exercises in your CV. This includes everything from sports to helping a friend lose 20 pounds to sales and customer service skills. In your cover letter, you mention that you are recently certified but add a summary of why you are interested in the fitness industry. Your future employer loves you when you have your own story or a deep passion for fitness that you want to share with others.
When you are hired, you will spend some time getting to know the gym and members through the “shadow” of another trainer. This on-the-job training is invaluable because it enables you to study through other professional instructors. You will meet clients of different ages and skill levels. Meeting clients with different health statuses, injuries, and other limitations will prepare you for your own clients. Make notes of the exercises and questions you ask the instructor most often. Ask them if they have any problems with their back, waist, or have recent injuries so you know how to proceed. When you start training, you will develop your own style, but it is always helpful to learn from others as well.Beginners in the gym are your best source of leads, as many of them have not trained for months or have not even entered the gym. Talk to all members (new and regular) and ask them how their workouts are developing. Listen to keywords like “bored”, “lazy” and “nothing”. These are indicators that their training does not give them the results they are looking for. Suggest ways you can help them achieve their goals more effectively. Understand the emotions behind their goals. Most people want to shape up for a special reason – to make a date, look good for a wedding, feel better about themselves, live long enough to meet their grandchildren.
Be honest with your new clients about how long it will take them to reach their fitness goals. As a fitness instructor you will also need to prepare a program. Some people have the misconception that once a week with a fitness instructor is enough to have an effect.
You will need to create a completely different program for each client. Some of your clients may have similar goals and you can certainly get them to do the same exercises, but make sure each program is unique to them. Be available to your clients when you are not training them. Provide a phone number and email address if they have a question. Knowing that you are there to answer questions about their diet and exercise choices will keep you in touch with them. Recognize their achievements.
The more they are interested in their goals, the longer they will study with you. Customer retention is 80% of your business.
Remember, you can also rely on your customers for new ones through recommendations.
So … before you think about your gym, it’s really good to get experience working in a team with other instructors. Over time, you will gain more confidence, build your own style, and one day … one day is unknown.
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