Good news and bad news:

The good news is that the spa industry continues to grow at an amazing rate, thanks in large part to the growing global interest in wellness, and to continuing advances and discoveries in health and beauty. In August, ISPA reported that the number of global spa visits had increased from an estimated 179 million in 2015 to 184 million in 2016, while the industry continues to experience steady growth in overall revenue, locations and revenue per visit. The global spa market is also expected to rise at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 5.66% from 2017 to 2021.

What does this mean? Jobs! Hurray! Who doesn’t love jobs? But job openings are one thing; filling them is another.

Staffing is consistently one of the biggest problems in the spa and wellness industry, and is becoming a bigger one. This is the bad news: spas, salons, and related businesses can’t find the qualified service providers and managers they need to keep up, and turnover is huge.

Meanwhile, according to the Global Wellness Institute, in 2018 an estimated 2.8 million people will be employed by spas worldwide, and an additional 470,000 therapists and spa managers/directors will be needed by the industry in 2020.

That’s a lot of positions to fill. Become part of the second largest industry in the world with the international recognize program.You can find here:

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